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Treatment for surface
·spray sand、wiredrawing
·Drawing, batch, color,
·Shell design
·hardware, plastic mold
Address by General Manager

Address by General Manager:

Arduous pioneering.
         Embark on the road of my business, and the storm-stricken 10 years of vicissitudes, the workshop will be a small operation into the now-scale enterprises will also be a fearless young fearless young stem Make My expansive today.
         Zhi Xing people grasp the market and technology research with great concentration, to high-quality, efficient features, a professional, as has been the focus to the people who owned the driving force for sustainable operation and assets. The new polishing plant, expansion of etching plant, recycling research and development centers, comprehensive development and Huawei,vivo,OPPO, MOTOROLA, MI etc, such as the world's top 500 enterprises of strategic partnership. The quality of products targeted at the high-end quality. The type of product categories (3 D) in focus on mobile communications campaign, in its plane (2 D) area located in photocopiers electrode series. Granville of the brave, a trend-who will be its own input to the development of "environmental protection, science and technology, Wing Continued, and harmony "in the international environment, Zhi Xing into a core competitiveness, sustainable development of diversified enterprise group.

General Manager: Wang Xingli

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