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Treatment for surface
·spray sand、wiredrawing
·Drawing, batch, color,
·Shell design
·hardware, plastic mold

Project: days Yu Square sewage treatment project
scale: seating 2000.
Characteristics: oily wastewater, including COD, BOD, SS, animal and vegetable oils high content.
Governance measures: three grease traps at Jardine pool flotation devices +
governance effect: to "water pollutant discharge limits" (DB44/26-2001) during the second three criteria.

Long-Akzo Nobel Coatings (Guangdong) Limited (2) wastewater treatment project, wastewater pollution in major components: acid and alkali, copper, zinc, and wastewater projects, capacity to handle 300 tons, according to the company’s production of wastewater characteristics, the use of chemical precipitation, filtering adsorption, ion exchange, reverse osmosis and other water treatment technology, and reuse of all, and a high degree of automation. Since the package of facilities put into operation, the operating system stability, reliability, handling the water far below the targets of Guangdong Province 2 emission standards, and full back for the workshop production, made a very good environmental and economic benefits.
Kwong Ming Electric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. wastewater wastewater treatment project, wastewater pollution main components: copper, chromium, zinc, lead, heavy metals and acid and alkali and suspended matter, the capacity to handle 650 tons, engineering Use of clear water Changle environmental technology company independent development of water treatment technology, combined with traditional technology and advanced automatic control technology, makes wastewater treatment standards not only stable, and can be used to green water and sanitation. This advanced engineering design and construction of good quality, easy operation and management, equipment layout and the laying of pipelines and tidy appearance, outfall PH with a pH value of online technology and chromium reduction ORP monitor.

electroplating wastewater treatment process
process introduced:
electrochemical plating process is to use the method of metal and non - Metal manufactures surface decoration, protection and access to some new properties of a chemical treatment process. Electroplating wastewater quality of the complex, difficult to control components, which contains chromium, cadmium, nickel, copper, zinc, gold, silver, etc., such as cyanide and heavy metals. Greater toxicity, some carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic of highly toxic substances, extremely harmful to mankind. Therefore, the electroplating wastewater must take effective measures to deal with means to eliminate or reduce its pollution to the environment, to protect the environment for the benefit of mankind’s request.
My company for electroplating wastewater characteristics, after many years of engineering practice, summing up a set of reasonable economic wastewater treatment process. Electroplating process will be the main wastewater into the Department of cyanide waste water, waste water and chrome comprehensive wastewater. The Department of cyanide, chromium waste water used mainly redox reaction of the principle of handling, and then integrated wastewater and chemical coagulation reaction sediments + handling. Technology is considered the unique feature of the various types of wastewater and the characteristics of various metal ions reaction conditions, to find the best combination of handling, using and ORP PH automatic monitoring system, automatic control point and the reaction parameters and equipment to open, Improve wastewater treatment system stability, efficiency, to ensure that the effluent standards, review and optimization of the various parameters of the processing units, together with the sand filter carbon filter, such as the use of enhanced processing units, so that the entire investigation to get the optimal effect of the operating system .
cyanide in wastewater collection ------ ----- ----- oxide into the integrated wastewater treatment
chrome wastewater collection --- ----- -- Reduction ----- integrated into the wastewater treatment
comprehensive wastewater collection ------ ----- ----- reaction sediments filter ---- ----- callback Emissions

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