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Treatment for surface
·spray sand、wiredrawing
·Drawing, batch, color,
·Shell design
·hardware, plastic mold
Corporate culture
Zhi Xing electronic hardware
Enterprise mission: Making customers more successful
Corporate vision: To become a professional etching, polishing surface treatment comprehensive solution provider.
Core values:  Pragmatic
Speed concept: hands are faster than mouth
Service concept: Serving others first
Innovative ideas: There is no the best but only better
Employment concept: Recruit staff for his ability
Management concept: re-examination process, the re-evaluation
The implementation of concepts: the results-oriented, there is no excuse
Clean concept: Honesty is the cultural system of preservatives
Business philosophy: Common development and upgrading
Doing things concept: clear rationale situation (with feelings of the people, with reasons for things)
Zhi Xing culture is the spirit of the faith the style and its mission. It provides a person-to-the decision-making mode of thinking things, the decision to choose the level of value orientation that is, Zhi Xing's survival and development of values - way beyond the competition. 
Zhi Xing conviction
"Only struggle can be successful" and "join us successful" faith, focused on the unique Zhi Xing "success culture", that is, the success of the concept and methodology of success.
Zhi Xing style
"A serious and responsible, rapid and learning" is a person (to develop habits), is the work (the style of work), which embodies the "and "hand to" requirements, not only reflects the effectiveness of Zhi Xing people the spirit of excellence Outlook reflects the success of Zhi Xing quality.
Zhi Xing’s purpose of service
"Customer First, the integrity of others," the key is to "life." Love, and love brands,  love brands, love consumers. With our expertise and skills, improve their "relationship" in good faith to help them obtain benefits for their services. As long as the hearts of "love" and all will be solved.
We are deeply aware of: customers are our God who provide all our knowledge and wealth.
Only half-hearted attitude, always embodied the spirit of interest to clients, adhere to commitments, to win the respect of customers. We have growth opportunities for the development of space.

Zhi Xing’s Mission
"Staff development, enterprise development, social development," these three are closely linked and complementary. Staff to promote the development of enterprise development and enterprise development for staff development and provided greater room for staff development and enterprise development to promote social development and social development is bound to enterprises and individuals to provide more extensive Stage.
Caritas staff, enterprises love, love the community.
Dedicated (learn to be ) Self-cultivation (learn to be) and resilience (learn to be) self-reliance (learn to be)
Sincerely (learn to be) in collaboration (learn to be) to (learn to be) innovation (learn to be)
struggle (learn to be) can be successful (learn to be) we (learn to be) with success (learn to be)
Seriously (learn to be) is responsible for the (learn to be) Quick (learn to be) study (learn to be)
Customer (learn to be) last (learn to be) integrity of (learn to be) others (learn to be)
For staff development (learn to be) for the development of enterprises (learn to be) for social development (learn to be)
Prior to life
Wish every partner of Zhi Xing be healthy, happy, prosperity and success!
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